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Believe In Your Dreams

Our dreams are personal,
          our dreams are unique;
give them the wings of time and intention,
          fulfilment they'll automatically seek.

They float around us in multiple hues,
           nudging us till they make sense;
steer us towards our destined goals,
           from our innermost desires, they commence.

The going may not be smooth from there,
           it’s a roller coaster ride;
and only with the buckles of belief in place;
           each tender dream can survive.

Dreams are like little children,
          they are what you make them believe;
then there’s no stopping them,
          a magical world they weave.

They need nurturing; they need trust,
          they thrive when you believe in them;
gradually you see them bloom and grow,
           and transform into a gem.

Believe in your dreams, hang on to them.
           whatever critics might say;
see them turn to reality slow but sure,
           like the Sun's brightest rays.

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