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Be Aware of the Power of Your Words and Thoughts

When did you last speak to the water before you consumed it? Before you label me as a nerd, let me start with an experiment around the impact of our words on water. Water makes up almost 70 percent of our adult bodies. It is scientifically proven that the thoughts we generate and the words that we speak impacts us. Take a look at this video.

With the evil pandemic again spreading like wildfire and impacting physical and mental health across the globe, I know this is not the best time to sermon on Emotional Intelligence discussion that I had planned for today. However, all of you being an integral part of my world, I wanted to share a video that may catalyze the healing process of all my loved ones.

Each cell in our body is powerful and has the capability to heal itself. We just need to check what and how we communicate to them. This video really helped me sail through the very scary impact of the pandemic during the second wave. I hope that it helps my readers heal completely and quickly.

Till we talk again tomorrow, take care and stay safe. This too shall pass. Rejuvenation and healing are around the corner. God bless you all.

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