Are You Charging or Discharging Yourself?

Find Yourself

A couple of days ago, my official laptop stopped getting charged. I thought it was an issue with the charger. However, when I took the laptop and charger for replacement to my IT helpdesk.

To my surprise, I discovered that the charger was working fine. It was that my laptop was sending reverse current. That means it was discharging itself instead of charging.


Let me elaborate. How many times does it happen that things are not that bad. However, the things that we start saying to ourselves just makes things worse? We are worried about how people feel about our capability. We take other’s opinions about us as written in stone.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Please be kind to yourself. Do not indulge in negative self-talk. It discharges you. Zaps you of your energy. It rusts your hope and crushes your dreams. Be your best friend, especially during the low phases of your life. It is the time where you need one best friend who believes in you. Trust me you can be that best friend. The question arises how do we implement that. Some simple solutions include:

Spend half an hour every day doing what you love to do. Do not wait for a vacation to do that.

Believe in your capability to overcome any challenge life throws at you. It has come your way because you can do it.

Start each day as if it is a blank page. You are a new you and can do what you thought was impossible till yesterday.

Love yourself and trust in yourself when nobody trusts you. Charge yourself each day with positive reinforcement and hope and sail smoothly through the toughest day.

Have a great weekend ahead.

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