Are we making fond memories?

We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.

Jeremy Irons

As I remembered my father’s face about an year after he left for his final journey,  I asked myself; “Am I leaving the kind of memories my parents left with me to be cherished long after my physical presence?” Am I too busy balancing home and career or too deep in the quicksand of my digital world to share a hearty laugh with my teenager?

I reflected:

Life was much more challenging when we were growing up. Our education was our parents highest priority.  Ensuring we study in the best of schools and get the best moral and ethical values just by watching our parents live their lives is what I fondly remember.

Birthdays were celebrated at home by inviting over friends. All dishes were made at home and absolutely relished. The cake was ordered by personally visiting the bakery and brought home freshly baked delicately balanced on papa’s scooter.

There was less complexity but more love. More time was spent walking over to meet friends in the evening and spending quality time with them rather than texting and exchanging Good Morning whatsapp messages.

We were more satisfied with lesser resources than we have now. We were more connected and less stressed. On the whole, we were happier. Can we replicate that while there is still time?

My simple question to all of you is:

What changes can we make in our everyday lives to make beautiful memories with our family, before we become a memory?

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