man and happy woman greeting each other with fist bump

An Internal Communication with My Cells

You are doing well, my army of warriors!
trying your level best to win the battle for me;
battle against a demon unheard of 
a battle of the highest degree. 

Battle against an enemy unknown,
its size negligible, his wrath unparalleled;
It’s strategies changing day by day,
hoping to triumph over where you dwell.

When life was fun and all was well,
We met, we laughed, explored the unfamiliar;
You tagged along like a faithful friend.
My wall of strength, my unshaken pillar.

Today, as you inch towards winning
the war for me with all your might;
I promise to always stand by you
my star in the darkest night.
You stood by me, I’ll stand by you,
for the rest of the journey divine;
I’ll take care of you, be in gratitude for you,
everything would turn out just fine.

So, here’s a toast to a friendship new found,
that I will revere till the last gasp;
like the beautiful bond between the mother and child
the warm and heartening clasp.

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