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A trip down the Memory Lane – Flavours of Roorkee

Let me take you all,
	to a trip down the memory lane;
when roads were narrow,
	but the love in the hearts reigned.

Where bonding was simmered,
	in each household;
Empathy, a way of living,
	as we grew up, we were always told.

No boundary walls between homes or hearts
	the people one in pleasure and pain;
loneliness was a word unheard of,
	people connected through smooth or rough terrain.

When flowers were never a commodity,
	but a prized possession of each front yard;
the spring was a time of blooming reds,
	with the fragrance of love, the colony was charged.

The yellow Amaltas, and the Gulmohar Red,
	lined the by-lanes, as we cycled ahead;
No worries in the world, complete and pure delight,
	life circled around friends; their words set everything right.
As the pandemic, and the changing world,
	since the last few years, forced us to stay indoors;
the urge to journey the past has grown,
	seeking the bonds that were real and pure.

The past few years, how hard they have been;
	have forced us to re-align, take a journey within.
trying to mend mistakes, before the time runs out;
	from the graveyard of memories, fresh bonds may sprout.

The value of life, and people has soared,
	no time for repenting, no time to get bored;
live in the moment, connect with ones who are your own,
	Enjoy each breath, shun the fear of unknown.

Hope my short journey brought a wave in your hearts too;

          and aspired you to reconnect, invite the old into the new.

One thought on “A trip down the Memory Lane – Flavours of Roorkee

  1. Wow! That has really turned back so many pages of our childhood memories at Roorkee
    Thank you dear đź’•

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