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A powerful message from tiny little raindrops

Have you ever wondered how a tiny little raindrop displays infinite power because it does not belittle itself or question its own worth? What if we could learn this great lesson to counter the feeling of self-doubt that plagues our capabilities and stops us from reaching our goals?

This monsoon, create new insight from the messages from mother nature herself. If you enjoy this verse, you also might want to read how raindrops bring a message from heaven. You would also love to read how the clouds teach us to let go of what is not worth holding. Enjoy the read with a cup of tea and a re-affirmed sense of self-worth. Take care and have a blessed day.

The Tiny Little Raindrops
The tiny little raindrops,
	not just soak the parched earth;
but also assuage some craving souls,
	who are questioning their worth.
They give their whole every day,
	waiting for a pat on the back;
slogging endlessly night and day,
	to get a nod, a smile, something that most now lack.

The tiny little raindrops,
	as they fall from the great dark sky;
make the leaves dance with divine joy,
	reminding them of their worth, the tree might deny.
You are the giver, don’t underestimate yourself,
	it exists because you provide;
the food that makes it strong, fight raging winds,
	 your worth can never be defied.

 The tiny little raindrops,
	are beautiful because they teach;
 till we know our worth, don’t belittle ourself,
	the sky is within our reach.
Remind yourself you are powerful,
	everything you need to achieve lies within;
you just need the confidence to dive and find, 
	you have all that you need to win.

The tiny little raindrops,
	also emphasize the power of delight;
in your existence till you cease to be,
	your own fairy tale you write.
Nobody except yourself stops you,
	from achieving all that you love to do;
just shun the fear of failure and surge ahead;
	to discover the shiny little raindrop in you.  

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