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A Peep Into the Gallery of my Heart

Gallery of My Heart

Let me walk you through,
	the gallery of my heart;
full of moments sweet and sour,
	that all play an important part;
in who I am today,
	the way I perceive things;
the story unfolds in the narrow lanes,
	where forgotten moments spring.

As if from nowhere, 
	completely to my surprise;
they show up like mushrooms,
	or like the magnificent sunrise.
Moments etched so deep,
	it seems just like yesterday;
pedaling up the slope each day,
	to school with friends, memories here to stay.

The alma mater, reverberating with hymns,
	on chilly Christmas mornings,
the aroma of fresh baked goodies,
	and rains that came without warning. 

Winter breeze sending chills down the spine,
	with layers to keep us warm;
 complemented with food painstakingly made,
	by world’s best chef, my mom.
The love oozed from every bite,
	cooked with love so divine;
I could give up the world to taste it once more,
	But alas, to my heart, my desire, I must confine.
'cause the hands that rocked, 
and the eyes that understood;
are a part of heavens now,
	gone forever, for good.
But not before giving me,
	lessons to keep her legacy alive;  
to give to humanity, and keep the urge to serve,
	the invaluable lessons to help me thrive.
The web of memories, good and bad,
          keep churning from the ocean of heart;
and show me the mirror of my personal journey
          and moments that set me apart.

5 thoughts on “A Peep Into the Gallery of my Heart

  1. U got struck the chord of our childhood and the smiling face of aunty and all our childhood memories came down in a flash … Amazingly written …

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