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A Million Dreams in Weary Eyes

When I go for my daily walk, I see a child juggling between her books and her business. I have been thinking about her struggles since long and have created this narrative poem around her life, struggles, and aspirations. Please let me know your views using the comments.

She revised the trigonometric equation,
	for the nth time to ensure;
that tomorrow’s test has no mistakes,
	  she tops the class for sure.

She needs to tend to her vegetable cart,
	before her drunk father is back;
and fill her stomach and of her siblings,
	before the daily dose of physical attack.

Then rise again before the sun comes up,
	to get fresh produce to sell;
and rush to school, her heavenly adobe,
	to hear the orchestra of the school bell.

It’s here that she forgets the pain,
	of the dark nights she every day spends;
bearing the stink of alcohol,
	setting things right, making amends.

The school gives wings to her soaring dreams,
	that she stubbornly holds never to let go;
because somewhere her little heart wants to fly,
	beyond the cooking, beyond the wheat dough.

She dreamt of climbing mountains,
	diving deep into the sea;
become one with the vast blue world,
	a free bird she yearned to be.

Learning was the key she knew,
	to break the shackles and live her dreams;
beyond the abuse and struggles of life,
	into the world she has envisaged.

A world sans humiliation,
	A world where she won’t be disgraced;
She will walk with her head held high,
	With shame, her heart will not be laced.

Although the time was tough for her,
	she knew it will not last;
 With her strength of will, she’ll win,
	and put her past to the past.

4 thoughts on “A Million Dreams in Weary Eyes

  1. It is real story of many of the struggling kids who win with their power of achieving success n not to dishearten themselves . Beautifully presented .Ekta I m really proud of you.Gain heights .God is with u

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