A Humble Request to Parents

This is the time of the year again when the children are going through tremendous pressure of performing well for their upcoming board exams.

They just don’t deserve additional pressure from their parents. They, as children, have gone through an experience that none of us adults had faced till two years back.

Locked up in the four walls of their home like a butterfly forced to go back to its cocoon. Education through digital media. Interaction through digital media. They had an overexposure to change. And they adopted brilliantly.

The adults discussed how the last two years have impacted their psyche. But as parents, do we try to gauge the psychological impact it had on children? Covid forced them to shift online. Now we are forcing them to go back offline and perform the way they did earlier. Are we justified?

We as professionals talk about learning curve when we switch between organizations. What about children? Why are we expecting the transition from online back to offline like a huge jump?

Give the children some time. As parents, we need to be much more compassionate. We know our children more than anyone else in the world. The stress situation reminds me of a beautiful poem by Kaahil Gibran that I am sharing with you.

Every time I overexpect from my child, I remind myself of this eye-opening verse. Your children need all your warmth and support at this crucial crossroad of their life. So just be there. They will carve a fantastic future for themselves. TRUST YOUR CHILDREN.

Take care. God bless.

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