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A Heartfelt Tribute to my Best Friend – My Mother

No verse can glorify,
	the human that you were;
or the infinite smiles through your pain,
	that you hid with such finesse. 

The house was a home,
       'cause your love weaved the bond;
to withstand life's storms,
        long after you were gone.

You reinforced the bond each day,
        with patience, loads of it;
each thread delicate yet strong,
        brought together by your sheer grit.

Teaching us invaluable lessons,
       always leading from the front;
your life a true scripture,
       to learn and apply in any situation I confront.

I feel myself so fortunate,
	to be such an integral part;
of your life and learnt from you,
	you’ll forever stay in my heart.

Though you are and will be missed,
       every moment till I live;
your memories fresh in mind;
       your physical presence it outlives.

The smile is gone,
       the home stone silent;
but now you smile from heavens above,
	and I feel blessed each moment.

I promise to carry forward,
	your legacy for generations to come;
and will make you proud of what I do,
	keep striving to honour your memory solemn.

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